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Early Streamer Emission

ESE technology uses the atmospheric gradient to store energy. When the device is charged, and a strike is imminent the device activates the release of the accumulated energy. The upward leader delivers an ionised route for discharge to each. No external power supply is required for the device to operate.

It’s thanks to this advanced technology that ESE devices are designed to emit an upward leader earlier than conventional lightning rods in response to an approaching lightning discharge. It’s for this reason that our ESE devices can intercept lightning strikes at a greater distance providing an increased protection radius.

Key Features

Early Streamer Emission (ESE), a cutting-edge technology designed to enhance lightning protection for structures and installations. Lightning poses a significant threat to property, infrastructure, and human safety, making it crucial to explore advanced solutions like ESE to mitigate its impact.

What is Early Streamer Emission?

Early Streamer Emission is a lightning protection system that employs a specialized lightning rod to initiate an upward streamer earlier than traditional lightning rods. The primary objective is to provide advanced warning to the surrounding air, enabling the ESE system to attract the lightning discharge before it can strike the protected structure.

Key Components

Early Streamer Emission Rod:

The heart of the ESE system is the early streamer emission rod, which is strategically installed on the structure or building. This rod is designed to emit a controlled ionization field that encourages the formation of an upward streamer.

Ionization System:

To achieve early streamer emission, the ionization system plays a crucial role. It releases ions into the surrounding air, creating a conductive path for the lightning to follow. This process allows the ESE system to trigger an upward streamer more quickly than traditional lightning rods.

Monitoring and Control Unit:

A central monitoring and control unit oversees the ESE system's operation. This unit continuously assesses the atmospheric conditions and activates the early streamer emission rod when lightning risk is detected. Some systems also include remote monitoring capabilities for real-time assessment.

Advantages of Early Streamer Emission

Increased Protection Radius:

ESE systems typically offer a larger protection radius compared to conventional lightning protection systems. This extended coverage is crucial for safeguarding expansive areas or tall structures.

Advanced Warning:

The ability to initiate an upward streamer earlier provides valuable seconds of advanced warning. This can be especially critical for sensitive installations, such as telecommunication towers, power plants, and historical buildings.

Compliance with Standards:

Many ESE systems comply with international lightning protection standards, ensuring that the technology meets the necessary safety and performance requirements.

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Conclusion: Early Streamer Emission represents a state-of-the-art approach to lightning protection, offering enhanced safety and performance compared to traditional methods. As technology continues to evolve, ESE systems play a crucial role in minimizing the risks associated with lightning strikes, ultimately safeguarding lives and property. Contact today to discuss your requirements for ESE solutions to ensure robust lightning protection for your installations.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Due to the requirement of less earth terminations, down conductors, roof conductors and raw materials an early streamer emission system is frequently cheaper to install and maintain while also having a lower carbon footprint, often being beneficial to those using environmental management systems.

Testing to NF C 17-102: 2011

ALPS ESE devices have been developed in collaboration with various leading UK universities and have undergone extensive testing in the UK and Europe including documentary, marking, dimensional, environmental, voltage withstanding, and early streamer emission advance time tests. It’s the first and only ESE manufactured by a UK company to hold a certificate of conformity by an association for standardisation and certification (AENOR – no: A28/000049).

Reduced Visual Impact

ESE lightning protection systems typically have a sleek design and may be less visually obtrusive compared to traditional lightning rods. This can be advantageous for architectural and aesthetic considerations, especially for structures where visual appearance is important.

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