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Lightning Protection Design & Installation

Design & Installation

Lightning can cause significant damage directly, by striking the building, or indirectly, by associated electric and magnetic fields disrupting and damaging internal building systems such as computers, data, electric power and telephone lines.

Lightning Protection Systems must be designed to the latest British Standard BS EN 62305 2011/12. This standard is the British edition of the European standard to which all lightning protection systems for new structures including extensions to existing buildings, must be designed, installed and maintained. 

BS EN 62305 2011/12 comprises four parts covering risk assessment, lightning protection zones, separation distances and level of internal and external protection required including the use of surge protection devices which must be installed to deal with transient over-voltages.

At its most basic level lightning protection systems are installed to divert high levels of electrical current from lightning strikes safely to the ground. Their purpose is to take the current to earth and to ensure the continued functioning of equipment, the protection of the structure and the safety of people on the site.

All Strike Risk Lightning Protection Services Limited operatives are trained in BS EN 62305 to ensure all recommended installations are designed in accordance with the standard.

Lightning protection services offered by Strike Risk Lightning Protection Services Limited include:

  • Site survey
  • Design, including surge protection
  • Thorough consultation working alongside designers to find an appropriate non-intrusive solution
  • CAD drawings
  • Installation by fully trained engineers
  • Material supply
  • Maintenance recommendations
  • Testing and certification

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